Frequently Asked Questions
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What is TEFLPA?

TEFLPA is a website that allows English tutors to advertise their services and manage their students, schedules and bookings all in one place, and enables students to find and book face-to-face lessons with English tutors in their local area or online anywhere in the world. 

Who can use TEFLPA to advertise their English tutoring services?

Any person of legal working age and with the right to work in the country where they are based can use TEFLPA to advertise their English tutoring services. You do not have to be professionally qualified in order to advertise your services via the website, although being qualified will help you earn more money, attract more students and enable you to offer a better quality of tuition.

How does TEFLPA work for tutors?
TEFLPA is a website that allows English tutors to advertise their services and manage their students, schedules and bookings all in one place. You can create your tutor profile to advertise yourself and services to students anywhere in the world, and having done this you are able to receive bookings, keep track of your students' lesson history and billing, find jobs and interact with your fellow tutors on the TEFLPA forum and receive automated daily lesson reminders to your e-mail.
What does ‘TEFLPA’ stand for?

TEFLPA is an acronym and stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language Personal Assistant.

Can I manage all of my students and lessons on TEFLPA?

Yes, TEFLPA allows you to manage all of your students, schedules, bookings, lesson records and billing in one place. This includes lessons booked through the TEFLPA website and lessons that you can add to the site manually. For example, if you work for an institute, but also offer your own private lessons, you can add both your institute and private students to the site and record their lesson details. However, in order for you to take full advantage of the website's administrative facilities you should encourage your private students to book future lessons with you through the TEFLPA website.

How do I add lessons to my TEFLPA tutoring account?

If lessons are booked through TEFLPA they are automatically added to the 'Scheduled Lessons' tab on your Home page and to your calendar when you accept the booking request. To add other lessons that have not been booked through TEFLPA, click the 'Add a Class' button from either your Home page, the My Calendar page or My Classes page and then populate the required fields. Once you have done this and confirmed the details your lessons will appear under the 'Scheduled Lessons' section on your Home page and on your calendar.

How do I enter/update the lesson details of my scheduled lessons?
To update the lesson details of your scheduled lessons click on the class number link under the 'Scheduled Lessons' tab on your Home page. This will take you to your class attendance page where you will need to click on the lesson record link. From here you can enter/update the lesson details of each scheduled lesson by clicking the 'Edit' button.
How do I add an event to my calendar?
From the My Calendar page click the 'Add an Event' button and then double-click a time anywhere in the calendar. You will then be able to specify the event details and save your event to the calendar.
What is the difference between a TEFLPA class, a private class and an institute class?
- A TEFLPA class is a class booked by a student through the TEFLPA website.
- A private class is a class that you acquired personally and teach privately.
- An institute class is a class that you teach for either an English school or institute.
Does a student have to pay the confirmation fee to TEFLPA before starting lessons?

Yes, after you have accepted a booking request and before tutoring can begin, the student must pay the confirmation fee to TEFLPA. This confirms that the lesson(s) will go ahead and also 'unlocks' the student’s lesson record so that you can record and manage their lessons from there.

How do I get paid?
For any lessons booked through the website TEFLPA takes a confirmation fee payment from the student who made the booking request in order to officially confirm the booking. The confirmation fee payable to TEFLPA is calculated as 15% of the total price of the booking based upon your listed hourly rates for the booked lesson type. The remaining 85% of the total price of the booking is payable directly to you as the tutor by your student(s). TEFLPA does not pay any money to tutors and it is the sole responsibility of you and your student(s) to arrange for the payment of money owed to you for lessons; you do this independently of the website. You may choose to request payment from your student(s) upfront, over the course of the lesson(s) or at the end of the lesson(s), at your sole discretion. The TEFLPA website provides you with tools to record and keep track of the payments you have received from your students and enables you to create invoices for any money owed to you for the lesson(s).