How Can TEFLPA Help Your English Teaching Career?

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Hi everyone, welcome to the TEFLPA blog and our first ever blog article for English teachers and English tutors. As this is our first article we thought we’d write a bit about what we’re trying to achieve at TEFLPA and how our website can help English teachers and English tutors around the world increase their income and get more satisfaction from their teaching work, be it in TEFL, TESL or any other form of English teaching.

What are the aims of TEFLPA?

Our overriding mission at TEFLPA is to connect the world’s English teachers, tutors and students, and to make teaching and learning English more accessible, more efficient and more productive for both teacher and student. In order to do this we are creating a fair marketplace for English teachers and tutors where they can advertise their services to students in their local area and online, and be rewarded based upon their ability, experience and reviews from their students to get paid what they deserve, rather than just being recognised for what country they are from or how competitive/low their prices are. 

We also want to provide a space where English teachers and English tutors can administer all aspects of their English teaching and this is why we have created the admin tools that allow our users to manage the attendance, lesson history and billing of all of their students via the TEFLPA website. Until the release of TEFLPA these were the sort of tools that were only available to the top schools and institutes in the TEFL and TESL industry, but by making them available via the the TEFLPA website we aim to bring great benefits to our users or any teachers looking to take on more of their own freelance English classes where they can charge their own prices and take home significantly more per hour than they would teaching English for an employer.

What problems are TEFLPA addressing?

Ask yourself this... if you were an English student how and where would you find a good, reliable English teacher or tutor? One of the biggest problems in the global English teaching industry is that there is no one recognised place to find an English teacher or English tutor and it can be hard for students to determine how good a teacher or tutor is before booking and taking lessons with them. Consequently, when students are searching for an English  teacher they will often go for the lowest prices offered by, which forces skilled, experienced teachers to lower their prices or accept jobs at schools or institutes where they can be paid significantly less than the student actually pays per hour for their English lessons. This causes a number of problems for those trying to make a living from English teaching in the TEFL and TESL industry and when just opting for the lowest price, can lead to students receiving a lower quality of teaching than they deserve.
For English teachers and English tutors looking to start out or go freelance it can also be a challenge to find students and build your personal brand. How can you distinguish yourself from all the other people trying to do the same as you and acquire new students? Not every teacher can afford to build their own website and drive student traffic towards it or has the skills to do so. Neither do they always have the time or tools to administer student attendance and billing or provide students constant access to their lesson records, which can be key in identifying what a student needs to focus on in order to progress. English teachers and tutors need something that will take care of all of this for them automatically so that they can focus on providing the best quality of English teaching that they can and maximise their earnings potential. Fulfilling this need is a key aim of TEFLPA.

How can TEFLPA help you?

The way TEFLPA works is that as an English teacher or English tutor you can sign up to the site at, create your profile, set your own prices and advertise your services. Students can search for you based upon your location, rating, hours taught, lesson types offered, lesson prices and availability, and then book face-to-face or online lessons with you in your local area or anywhere in the world. In doing so students can determine what you are like as a teacher. Then, having booked lesson(s) via the site and completed them, students can leave you their feedback, and TEFLPA will show how many hours you have taught to students acquired through the website and how your students rated you. This allows you to build your reputation and acquire students based upon your true teaching experience, skills and student feedback, which encourages good teaching and creates a fair marketplace where English teachers and English tutors get paid what they deserve. In providing these facilities TEFLPA takes a 10-15% commission fee of the quoted lesson price which the student pays when booking through the site and in order to confirm the booking and create their TEFLPA account. Teachers and tutors can choose whether or not to adjust their standard lesson prices to account for the booking fee. The benefit the students get when booking through TEFLPA is access to their own account where they will be able to see their online lesson records, through which you can set them homework and provide them with their lesson history, attendance records and billing.  This is all automated and saves you a significant amount of administration time, and you can also add your own, existing students to the site for free to take advantage of the admin tools. 
The idea is that TEFLPA allows you to administer all facets of your English teaching in one place to make managing your English teaching much easier and more efficient, and will help you get the rewards and recognition from your work as an English teacher or English tutor. We’d love to hear from you to see what you think so please feel free to comment below or e-mail us at if you have any thoughts you’d like to share. Alternatively you can message us on our Facebook page at

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