You teach, we’ll take care of the rest
Manage your English students, schedules, classes and billing all in one place and
save time on your admin so that you can focus on your teaching.
Designed to make managing your English teaching easier
See how TEFLPA can help you.
Manage your English teaching admin from a central hub
Instantly access an overview of your daily lessons, including lesson time, lesson location and lesson content
See how many students you are currently teaching and easily view their contact details
Keep track of your monthly and yearly income from your English lessons and check your financial report
Quick and easy scheduling
Scheduling classes and events is quick and easy to do. Once a class is created it automatically sets up the lesson record, attendance page and billing for any students added to that class in future
Update your calendar to show the times that you have availability so that everyone knows when you can teach
Add your students to your classes and have the option for them to create their own account, so that they can access their lesson records and you can provide lesson feedback and homework via the site
Keep detailed lesson records and stay connected
Manage your classes and students on site and record attendance and lesson content, upload relevant files and communicate with your students directly if they also have an account
Access your account wherever you are to instantly upload student attendance and lesson notes
Aid your students’ progress by providing a space for helpful feedback and lesson comments that you can always refer back to
Track attendance and billing
Easily keep records of student attendance and update this whilst at each lesson
Track student billing by individual student or class, and mark lessons as paid for along with the payment method and payment date in order to maintain an accurate billing history
Have the option to generate professional invoices with your own logo directly from the site
Improve your organisation and student attendance
Receive detailed, automated daily lesson reminders to your e-mail, so you’ll always know when you have lessons and what you need to bring with you
Notify your students about upcoming lessons and lesson cancellations to reduce no-shows and keep them in the loop on any rescheduled lesson times
Access anywhere
You can access your account anywhere with an internet connection via your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone, so you can stay organised and keep on top of your teaching admin wherever you are